Are you a human? Do you live on Mother Earth? Have you ever thought “Wow, my life is so busy. I wish I could slow down and feel better about where I am at in life. Even if it is for just a few minutes”?

If you answered yes to any one (or all) of these questions, then I hope my blog can be a motivational, relaxing, and fun place for you to slip into your Mellow Mindset. Now, I know what your thinking….what exactly is a Mellow Mindset? Good question! It’s probably why you click on this post!

Alright, alright…Let me paint you a picture. Have you ever just…had that moment? Pretty descriptive, huh? Have you ever felt like you’re firing on all cylinders and everything you say and do is natural and smooth? You feel 110%, 5 stars, and ten-feet tall because you are finally authentic you. This can come very easy to some and it can be very difficult for others. Some people are blessed with the ability to drown out negative tide-water of backlash and can still feel confident with their authentic self. Drum roll please…….This is not me.

I have spent my whole life wondering, wishing, and wanting to be different from who God made me to be. It took me years to have the confidence to become the “Purple Dinosaur” that I was made to be. Am I healed and cured from this? NOT EVEN CLOSE. I have chosen to have a more relaxed mentality on the world around me, and I hope I can grow along with each and every one of you. Wait, you want to know what I mean about the Purple Dinosaur? Don’t worry, more on that later…

If there is one thing I want you to get from this post, it’s this. You have the power, everyday, every minute of every hour to become the person you are meant to be. I struggle with this everyday, but with the help of my mellowfellows and mellowfellowets, lets take this journey together. Take a deep breath, understand that life is always going to be busy, and know that you have a way to combat it. Find your happy place (physical surroundings and mentally), say to yourself “the world is tough, but I am tougher”, and slip into your Mellow Mindset…patent-pending. 🙂

P.S. – What’s that? You need a song to help you slip into your Mellow Mindset? Well! Let me help you with that! Brought to my attention from my awesome little sister, enjoy!