This is going to be a lot shorter post today due to amazing global warming weather and lack of mental concentration. Seriously Trump…I’m wearing flip-flops on a 60 degree day in February…in MINNESOTA! You’re right. Global warming isn’t real. I digress…

In my first post I ever did for this blog, there was as snippet where I told you to unleash your inner purple dinosaur for the world to see! If you missed reading my first post, click here and give it a glance. It’s good stuff.

Now, I get why this is confusing. Why the color purple? Why a dinosaur? Are we supposed to be Barney? Well…Purple is a rad color, Dinosaurs are the coolest things like….ever, and no….I get why you asked, but no.

Give credit to where credit is due. This mindset was given to me by who I will call my Mellow Momma. I came home from school one day so upset. Slamming doors, throwing my backpack on the ground and just encompassing the perfect amount of pre-teen angst. I was all pissed because I wasn’t up to par with “the cool kids” in my class, or at least that’s what my mind was telling me. One individual in particular who we will call Mr. Coolio Supremeo. I locked myself in my room to try to release some of my anger on the Elite Four on Pokemon Red Version.

Eventually Mellow Momma came in to talk about what was going on and the number I was doing on the door frames. I remember breaking down to her about how I won’t ever be as cool as Mr. CS. How everyone likes him and he is a jerk and the whole world adores him because he can pitch a baseball 70 mph. I measured myself up to him on my own scale. I let him make me feel inferior. That is when Mellow Momma dropped some of the best knowledge bombs on me that I have ever heard.

“You know, when you look in the mirror you are going to see yourself, the purple dinosaur. Now the purple dinosaur has many qualities that the world needs. Life on this earth would be a lot different if the purple dinosaur was not a part of it. However, on this earth, you are going to find many dinosaurs. Red dinos, green dinos, yellow dinos, and blue dinos too. They all have a purpose. Each dino has a life set in front of them that was given to them since birth. Since you are the purple dinosaur that this world has, you create in your head what you believe to be your purpose. Now there are going to be days where you want to be the red dino. You may dress, talk, walk, act, and mimic the red dinosaur perfect. This may work for a while, but eventually, your purple dinosaur is going to shine through. The dinosaur that the world needs. So instead of providing self-worth to the other dinosaurs, give yourself the self-worth that the purple dinosaur deserves. Use your skills and your attributes only purple dinosaurs possess and change the world with it. The world deserves and needs what only the purple dinosaur can offer.”

Wow. You win the Mellow award Mellow Momma. Great advice that I still try to live by everyday.

Some of you may not see what you want to see in the mirror, and that’s ok. Remember that there is always time to make a change to better yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, or maybe all three. Just remember that everyone’s journey in life is different because everyone is a different dinosaur. If you try too hard to focus on being the dinosaur that God didn’t intend you to be, then that dinosaur may go unnoticed and that’s a real shame. The dinosaur deserves a shot just like the other dinos.

Wow. I wish I had a dollar for every time I used the word “dinosaur” or “dino” in this post. I could probably buy a dinosaur….har har. Anyway thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think of the post by giving it a like or a comment. It helps me out a lot. Got a coming of age “dinosaur” story? What about just a coming of age story? If so, drop me a line at I would love to read it. Stay Mellow My Friends