Wanderers, UNITE! 

What’s up my mellows? I hope all is well. I know what your thinking…and I’m sorry! I missed a post last Thursday. I ran away from responsibilities and went to find some much needed quality time with some old friends from college and my stupendous younger sister. Now I went and traveled to my old college town, and even though Duluth has grown a bunch without my permission, a lot of the town is still the same as it was. It would be hard for someone who spent 5 years of his life to get lost in a town that he knows so well.

Well what the frickity frack is this title all about then? Well its a preemptive post about my adventures next week. Again…….I’m going to be gone and won’t be around any computer service to make a mellow post. So, let the rioting commence.

I’m going to get lost you guys. On purpose. So lost. Like stupidly lost. I have never wanted to be lost more in my life. I am traveling with a very special person in my life to a very special place in my heart. I am going out west to find some adventures, some mountains, some coffee, and most of all….my mind.

As a 24 year old newly into the workforce, I have found that for me to stay sane, I need to get lost. The city with all its lights and sounds, people and places, busy busy busy, go go go mentality is awesome. I do really enjoy it and feel myself turning more and more into a city kid day by day, but, it becomes too much for me sometimes. Even in a place that is exciting all the time, I slip into a routine. Maybe because of the season, I get into a funk. Whatever it is, something has to be shaken up.

To me, shaken up means going out of my element. Going to a place a bit foreign to me and getting to jump in eyes closed, headfirst into a different way of living. I have always been such a fan of mountains that we are traveling out west to go wander. When you get lost, you remember things that are actually important to you because you are without the distractions of modern everyday life. Emails turn into sightseeing, Snapchat turns into face to face conversation, rush hour turns into relaxing by the fire. It’s important for us humans to take a step back. A chance to look at what we really have been blessed with and to find what our full potential is.

“Unplugging” is a buzzword used recently by many sites. Unplugging means to take yourself away from the social distractions and downfalls many people fall into during this technological era. As simple as turning off your phone and going for a walk can significantly improve your mental health while decreasing stress and unhealthy feelings like jealousy.

Here is a cool article about the benefits of “unplugging”.


Every person’s perspective about their technology use and how it affects them varies immensely. Maybe you are the kind of person who doesn’t feel recharged by turning off their phone and going outside. Maybe you can’t afford a trip out west right now ( I’m right there with you *highfive*).

Whatever your case may be, I challenge you to use your time wisely. In a stressful world that’s always connected, sometimes unplugging and getting lost is the perfect medicine. Walk your dog to the dog park, work on those tricky yoga poses, perfect the patent-pending “sit and sip” your coffee on the front porch. A little time away from the devices can go a long way.

If you don’t feel like unplugging away from your devices would help you, I still challenge you to use your time well. Call or text mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, or someone who would enjoy a little communication. Watch videos that would help you be productive or maybe make a soundtrack to motivate you through the workday. Lets start today and be the best we can be!

Thank you for reading! If you have any ideas or any personal “unplugged” stories, please share them with me at blog.mellowmindset@gmail.com. As always, stay mellow my friends.

P.S. I wish I was creative enough to have thought of an amazing title is “Get Lost, Find Yourself”. I stole it from one of my favorite bands. Take a listen below if you would like!