A man choosing to live a simpler lifestyle. One life hopefully filled with more tacos, more mellow yellow’s (not a sponsor), and hopefully a lot more pictures of rivers and mountains.

This blog has been a dream of mine for a while and my New Year’s Resolution for 2017. There are a few things I want this blog to accomplish. I will state them here in a nice bullet point list!


  • Create a community — Group of life-livers who can find their center in whatever they love to do. I want to grow alongside the people who make this world a better place. Finding and spreading more peace in my life and to people who could use a mellow-out from the hustle and bustle of the world.
  • Create Fun & Engaging content — Sometimes the only thing people need to focus on for a brighter future is a motive or drive, a laid back jam, and obviously some pictures of dogs. Something to make them smile, relax, and recharge to keep moving forward.
  • Create a mindset — Convince the world that any given situation on any given day can be an everlasting memory if you choose to focus on the positive over the negative. Stop and smell the roses, live goes too fast. You’ll be glad you did.

Got an idea? Got a suggestion? Got a song that will make me shake my butt? Send me your stories and adventures living your MellowMindset. Drop me a line at blog.mellowmindset@gmail.com


“Move on, Move on, you can miss me/ Imma move at my pace, take the opportunities it gives me/ Cuz once you hit the finish, there’s never going back, So Imma take it slow and see everything that it has” – Grieves, What Do I Got To Lose ft Choklate from the album Together/Apart (Deluxe Edition)

Lyrics to one of my favorite jams talking about slowing life down a bit